Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Digital Camera Binoculars: Capture The Drama Of The Moment

If you're a sports enthusiast or an avid wildlife observer, you'll know the thrill of those unexpected and unpredictable moments that only live action hobbies can provide: the excitement when your team scores a clinching goal in the final seconds of the match, or when the horse you've backed wins by a nose. You just had to be there.

Binoculars are great for times like these: being able to focus on the detail of the event from far off makes you feel like part of the action. But by the time you've reached for your camera, the moment has passed. Wouldn't it be great to be able to relive those electrifying seconds and share them with family and friends?

Introducing digital camera binoculars: technology that combines the advantages of regular binoculars with the convenience of a digital camera to capture images or video to download to your computer or view on a TV monitor. They're a cool gadget for bird watching and wildlife observation, spectator sports and just about any outdoor activity where you want not only to zero in on the action but also to record it for enjoying later.

There's a range of models available to suit different requirements and budgets. You can photograph what you've been looking at through the binoculars, download the pictures, edit and save them or email them to friends and family. Some models bring extra functions and refinements for greater versatility or ease of use: look for features and add-ons such as:

video recording and instant replay facility
memory expansion options
a flip-up LCD viewing screen
tripod adaptable
image software

The video recording option is just one facility that can prove very useful when watching live events. Some models offer a feature that allows the user to save the previous 30 seconds at the touch of a button -- great for those chance moments in your favorite match or when a rare specimen suddenly heaves into view.

If you're looking for a great gift for a friend or relative, a pair of digital camera binoculars may well intrigue and delight a keen ornithologist, sports fan or adventure traveler - or someone who just loves nifty gadgets. Check out useful accessories such as a case to protect the equipment when traveling or for storage, a comfortable strap or harness to help the user carry them around, and cables to connect the binoculars to a computer for file downloads or to a TV for image viewing.

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